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Recent Reviews:

"As city folks with dreams of a more provincial life, the Peace and Plenty farm was the perfect place to getaway and temporarily satisfy that dream. The quaint little home sits on a gorgeous property with views of a farm; there's nothing like waking up and having coffee with these kind of views and the calming aromas of country life - fresh air! "

"Our stay at the saffron farm was wonderful! The farm is beautiful, quiet and peaceful. And the cottage was all that, and more! It’s a space you don’t want to leave with it’s thoughtful touches, incredible design and comfortable everything."

"Such an amazing place! I felt so welcomed. The perfect retreat!"

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Life on Peace and Plenty Farm

Saffron Crocus Year

Saffron Crocus Year

When a saffron crocus corm (a corm being similar to, but not a true bulb) is growing and reproducing, the "daughter" corms feed off of the "mother" corm and grow in size as the mother eventually becomes just a small, dried-out and shriveled remnant that then disintegrates entirely into the soil. Each corm can make many daughters, and a successful saffron farmer hopes for many large, fat daughters produced every year, thereby multiplying their yields of saffron in coming years.  Plant one corm, and end up with dozens of saffron plants - it’s a great investment into the future.

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Late Bloomers

Late Bloomers


You know what it is like to watch a seed germinate and get its first real leaves and then grow into a little mini plant...its pure magic watching the seed gather up the strength from the sun, soil, and water to burst out of its protective casing and emerge out of the soil.

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