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Peace & Plenty Farm is a historic working farm, located two hours north of San Francisco in Lake County, California.

Our goal is to build a thriving farm that practices regenerative farming and creates a place for community to gather for events; a place for school children to learn; and to help contribute to an economy of sustainable agriculture.


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We have compiled our favorite saffron-centric recipes for the at-home chef. Discover refreshing cocktail recipes, decadent pasta dishes, healthy salmon and soup recipes and more.

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Using Saffron

Although saffron is most famously known as a culinary spice, it has also been valued medicinally by eastern cultures for millennia. Learn more about the many health benefits of saffron.

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Life on the Farm

Get a glimpse into life on the farm as we share everything from dealing with pesky gophers and angry chickens to personal anecdotes and lessons learned.

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