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Essential Work

Essential Work

At the beginning of February, I was feeling stressed and harried - so much to do in the next months and so many deadlines to meet.  The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny and it felt like summer had arrived, skipping completely over spring. I wrote about my longing for a longer winter, and desire for more time to be quiet, slow, and do behind-the-scenes prep for all the big things that were coming our way in 2020.  If the adage, “Careful What You Wish For” could be any more true than now, I don’t know when. 

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Sometimes mistakes in life take years to undo, or cost a fortune, or end up breaking your heart or body.  Most of the time, those mistakes can be learned from, and though dearly earned, that wisdom serves well. Farming mistakes can break your heart, body and bank account too, but at least you get a chance to try whatever it was again not too long...

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Come stay on the farm and enjoy the peace and plenty.

Recent Reviews:

"Peace and Plenty Farm is exactly that, a peaceful place with plenty of dreams, beautiful vistas and hospitality. Melinda and Simon are wonderful and have mastered the skill of being there and yet giving space."

"As city folks with dreams of a more provincial life, Peace and Plenty farm was the perfect place to getaway and temporarily satisfy that dream. The quaint little home sits on a gorgeous property with views of a farm; there's nothing like waking up and having coffee with these kind of views and the calming aromas of country life - fresh air! "

"Our stay at the saffron farm was wonderful! The farm is beautiful, quiet and peaceful. And the cottage was all that, and more! It’s a space you don’t want to leave with it’s thoughtful touches, incredible design and comfortable everything."

"Such an amazing place! I felt so welcomed. The perfect retreat!"

". . . a slice of heaven . . . The farm itself is a wonder with its rows and rows of saffron crocus, large and lush open green fields and a creek flowing through the property. There is a hen house and you can take home fresh organic eggs as well as a multitude of other delicious products including the top rated saffron, jams, preserves, oils and nuts, all made and grown on site. I can’t sing the praises high enough. This place is a true gem. Come once and you will be planning your next visit before you even leave. I promise".

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