California-grown organic saffron harvested at Peace & Plenty FArm
Close-up of organic saffron harvested in 2019
Bright red organic saffron in bottles
The saffron flower being harvested at Peace & Plenty farm
Organic saffron
Bee landing on a saffron flower

California Grown Saffron

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Saffron grown and processed in California and rated Grade One, ISO 3632 - highest quality.

One of the most unique spices in the world, saffron imparts a beautiful flavor with amber, fruit, floral, and earthy-honey notes, aroma and gorgeous golden color. 

Our saffron is hand-planted, harvested, processed and packaged here on our farm in Northern California by farmers Melinda and Simon.

Once mature, saffron remains potent indefinitely, especially when stored in a cool, dark cupboard.