Two saffron corns
Barrel filled with saffron corns
Close-up of organic saffron after harvest
Saffron growing and ready to harvest
Video of saffron corns

Pre-order Saffron Corms for 2021

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Would you like to grow your own saffron?  

Pre-order saffron corms (bulbs) for planting next fall in your own garden.  

 We are sold out of corms for this planting year (and it is a little bit late to plant for many zones). Order corms now for planting in 2021.

Check out our instructions for growing saffron here.

We will be shipping out the corms late August-early September 2021. 

The corms you plant in early Fall will typically bloom and produce saffron that same year!

Corms are sold by the dozen.