Peace and Plenty in the News

Our First Podcast!
I was interviewed for the "Helping Gardener's Grow" Podcast recently by Donna Blazer.  We talk saffron, saffron and more saffron!  "The most expensive spice in the world is saffron. Melinda and Simon decide to grow it because they are just starting to farm and are already in their 50’s. They need something simple, seasonal and high value."
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A visit during saffron harvest!
Rick White of the Kelseyville Business Association visited us during our saffron harvest this last November.  His video shows volunteers hard at work in the saffron field and Simon and I a bit zombie-fied by our 2am start ;-)
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Boonville Hotel's new chef shares the secret to perfect paella

Instead of using imported saffron and piment d’espelette from Europe, Hoffman sources his spices from local farmers.

"Peace & Plenty Farm in Kelseyville grows and produces aromatic saffron from crocus bulbs (corms), and the Bucket Ranch in Boonville, which grows a red Basque pepper from seed, then dries and grinds them into a powder known as Piment d’Ville. (see sidebar on the two niche farms)"

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