Our First Podcast!

Our First Podcast!

I was interviewed for the "Helping Gardener's Grow" Podcast recently by Donna Blazer.  We talk saffron, saffron and more saffron!  Give it a listen and check out her other cool podcasts.

A couple corrections to the podcast:

  • We knew before we planted the saffron that it had to be picked before dawn
  • Simon does do the bulk of the heavy lifting on the farm, but I definitely pull my share of physical work ;-)


Episode 1 – Growing Saffron: tips from the field

The most expensive spice in the world is saffron. Melinda and Simon decide to grow it because they are just starting to farm and are already in their 50’s. They need something simple, seasonal and high value.

And then there are the fires, the gophers and the discovery that the blooms have to be picked before the sun comes up. With over 200,000 plants and 18-20 blooms per plant that is a lot of midnight picking over a six-week season. Hear Melinda’s story and learn how to grow, harvest, store and cook the world’s most valuable spice this year.


Donna is Helping Gardener’s Grow through her interviews with various interesting growers and gardeners. Want to build soil, add herbs to flower pots or grow the world’s most expensive spice? Listen in and subscribe. In every podcast interview we talk about food, include a question selected by our producer Robyn and highlight the lesson learned in our Gardening Gold segment at the end. To ask a question about the current or past episodes go to askdonna@donnabalzer.com.

Music in every episode is by Brennan Anderson, School teacher and musician in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.


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