Large jar of saffron infused honey
Saffron infused honey on yogurt

Saffron-Infused Raw Honey (17 oz)

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Locally sourced raw, untreated honey infused with a generous amount of our California-grown saffron.

This red-gold treasure is delicious in tea, or just plain hot water, coffee, milk drinks, drizzled over a bowl of yogurt or spread on toast.

We use locally sourced, raw honey made by bees who wild forage in the hills of Lake County, in Northern California. There, they collect the nectar and pollen from the toyon, manzanita and other chaparral plants.  

The honey is ethically collected and no honey is taken from the hives after September each year to ensure that the bees have enough to survive the winter. 

Available in 4.6 and 17 ounce jars.