Lovely Day Tea.
Cacao and organic saffron
Bagged tea at the farmstand
Papaya after being harvested
Harvesting papaya
Loading up the truck with papaya

Lovely Day Tea

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A blend of our saffron and cacao tea  

Both cacao and saffron provide a mood boost and help with mental clarity. Cacao tea is bitter like dark chocolate and pairs beautifully with the floral, amber-tang of saffron. Cacao is high in theobromine, a stimulant like caffeine and saffron is very high in antioxidants, and together, they are sure to brighten your day. 

We grow our saffron on our small farm in Northern California. Using regenerative methods to build up the health of our soil, the plants we farm and ecosystems we co-exist with here thrive. Our saffron fields are hand-cultivated, and the precious threads hand-harvested and processed. Bees accompany us as we collect the delicate purple flowers and busily work on their own harvest of the beautiful gold pollen that will feed them through the winter months.   

Cacao tea is a byproduct of chocolate making. Once cacao beans have been dried, they are winnowed and the skin of the bean and a healthy dose of cacao powder become this tea.  We source the cacao from our friends at their small family farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. At No Huhu Farms, the whole family takes part in the harvest of their 660 cacao trees.

2 ounce of dried tea blend

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