Life on Peace and Plenty Farm

Essential Work
At the beginning of February, I was feeling stressed and harried - so much to do in the next months and so many deadlines to meet.  The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny and it felt like summer had arrived, skipping completely over spring. I wrote about my longing for a longer winter, and desire for more time to be quiet, slow, and do behind-the-scenes prep for all the big things that were coming our way in 2020.  If the adage, “Careful What You Wish For” could be any more true than now, I don’t know when. 
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Saffron Crocus Year
When a saffron crocus corm (a corm being similar to, but not a true bulb) is growing and reproducing, the "daughter" corms feed off of the "mother" corm and grow in size as the mother eventually becomes just a small, dried-out and shriveled remnant that then disintegrates entirely into the soil. Each corm can make many daughters, and a successful saffron farmer hopes for many large, fat daughters produced every year, thereby multiplying their yields of saffron in coming years.  Plant one corm, and end up with dozens of saffron plants - it’s a great investment into the future.
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