California Fires Update: We are Safe!

California Fires Update: We are Safe!

We've been receiving a number of messages from family and friends of the farm, concerned for our safety and well-being while fires are raging across the state. Though we have been affected by the smoke, we are happy to report that we are not in any imminent danger; we are lucky.

We are infinitely anxious about not only the the environmental impact of these fires and what it means for the future, but also those who have lost their homes and livelihoods –those who have lost their lives– and we are thinking about everyone who has been affected. It's devastating.

The fire season in California and Oregon has been particularly catastrophic this year. The smoke from our smouldering coast was seen as far as New York and the east coast of Canada this week as it continues to billow and spread. We've been working under a heavy veil for weeks now but it is finally starting to look like it's beginning to lift. The photo above was taken from the farm today and we can see actual clouds. Whether this means the fires are dying or the wind is simply changing remains to be seen but it's giving us hope. 

So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern. We're not in the clear yet but with cooler weather (hopefully) on the horizon, we are hopeful that there is an end in sight.

If you are in the position of being able to donate to fire relief, The Red Cross, United Way, or the California Fire Foundation are all reputable nonprofits accepting donations –anything helps.

Sending love to everyone,

Stay safe,

Peace & Plenty Farm


  • Jana Parker

    I was just reading about your farm in my Martha Stewart Living magazine. Such an amazing story. I had to know you are ok! Stay safe and best wishes!
    Jana Parker, Fort Collins, CO

  • Maggie

    After reading the October article about the farm in Living it dawned on me that you were in the middle of wild fire country. I was praying that your farm was safe and I didn’t even know you! Went to your website and there was the wildfire update. You’re safe👏👏
    Watching all your hard work and dreams burn would have been too much to bare. I am so happy things have leveled out a little. You were meant to have this farm. Stay safe.
    Novato, Ca

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